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About Maxx HD® Sunglasses

Maxx HD® Sunglasses is a local, family owned company based out of Monument, Colorado. Rick and Nancy Milner started this company in 2004, selling sunglasses from bright yellow tents and trailers in Colorado Springs. Customers began spreading the word and coming back to their trailers to repurchase the incredible HD lens that improved their golf game. Shortly after, Rick began making sales to golf courses and pro shops, while Nancy packed orders and samples from their kitchen table and sent them to pro shops across the US. By 2006, Maxx Sunglasses had accumulated over 2,000 accounts. The business had grown exponentially, causing the Milners to move into the current facility in Monument, Colorado in 2007. They created the company's professional website,, in 2007 as well, causing awareness and sales to increase. Today, Maxx HD® Sunglasses has over 20,000 retail accounts including stores, golf courses, college bookstores, along with MLB stadiums and outlets.

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