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Our Customers' Comments

Your sunglasses stay on and in place, even if a supposed to be calm and well behaved horse turns into a rodeo wanna be! I also like how well you can see with them on! -S.S. in Idaho

 I've had these sunglasses from Maxx for 5 years, wear them everyday. The nose piece is finally starting to wear out, but they are the best purchase ever. They don't slip down your nose, are incredibly comfortable and don't scratch like other brands. Thanks for building a great product. - D.M. in Florida

I am an avid outdoors person, and I appreciate a great product, at a price that doesn’t break the bank! T.E. in California 

I took one of our members outside with a pair of the Maxx GTs. He immediately fell in love with the design and look of the glasses; as well as the lenses and how sharp everything appeared. It was a ‘no brainer’, he told me and purchased immediately. - S.W. in Georgia

I had a customer buy the Maxx Foam glasses and “sold” his pair to the next guy in line by letting him look through his! - M.S. in Ohio

We sold 2 pair of Maxx HD Sunglasses to the first 2 customers. We told them to go outside in the sun and look around. The sunglasses sold instantly! We only had the display up for 5 minutes. - D.L. in Texas

I have been a customer of Maxx HD® for years, and can’t say enough about how great their products and service are to me. - A.L. in Oregon

Wow! I could not believe the enhanced clarity. Wearing Maxx Sunglasses makes my eyes feel great! My customers and I love the lens! - A.C. in Minnesota

One of my customers was so excited about the sunglasses. She tried on 5 pairs and was very happy with the ones she purchased. I told her I wouldn’t sell a product if I couldn’t stand by it. - J.D. in Colorado

I have been a loyal customer for years! Maxx HD® always treats me and my customers right. J.H. in South Dakota

One golfer, a self proclaimed sunglasses hater, questioned our selling them. I took him and a pair outside on the course. He was first surprised with how comfortable they were on his face, then he was amazed at how crystal-clear everything looked and how the golf balls seemed to “pop”, becoming more easily visible on the green and fairway. The good price was an added bonus, and he bought a pair of Domains right away! - S.B. in Michigan

I am very impressed with the personality your company offers. It is nice actually talking to a person instead of a machine or a voice recording. I am in touch with a lot of people, golf courses, and also schools. I  will be recommending your glasses to as many people as I can. Much appreciated. Thanks. -Z.M.

I can't even deal with how great the Maxx Sunglasses customer service is. I had a pair customized and the text paint was chipped and flaking when I got the pair in the mail and the text was blurred on the side. I emailed customer service and they already re-printed and will be shipping me the new pair asap. I wasn't expecting that level of customer service! These are the best sunglasses on the market, hands down. I'm honestly ditching my velvet RayBans because I'm never going to wear them again. Maxx wins! The UV 400 feature is honestly my favorite since I have insanely sensitive eyes, even on a cloudy day. Maxx, you guys are so cool and I'll never get sunglasses from anyone ever again.-Tiffany W.


I wear your sunglasses daily and talk about them to all my customers. I have a few pairs and have many repeat customers, the last customer who bought from me came back the next day and bought two more pairs!! -Scott Y.

I came from another retailer who carried Maxx HD. Now that I own my own store the lens quality and value of Maxx is a perfect fit for us, our store is along a large hike/bike trail system in Ohio and we see dozens of people coming in off the trail each day.

 We are looking forward to growing the inventory and the wholesale options you offer even on small opening orders allowed me to break into optics without a huge investment. I would expect a very fast reorder. -Bryan A.

Customers absolutely love them!! I have customers come in at the start of every motorcycle season to purchase new Maxx, usually 2 or 3 different lens options -Christy S.

Customers love the glasses. The price is fantastic and often times they will buy more than one pair to have for golf, driving or boating.  - Eric S.

I currently own four pairs of Maxx HD Sunglasses and won't leave home without a pair. Maxx HD's provide great clarity, comfort and durability - I even wear mine in the pool!  - Martina J.

My customers tend to say how much easier it is to see their ball, they also tend to notice objects appear clearer as well as sharper. Many customers say a round of golf is much more enjoyable on sunny days when they aren't constantly squinting and losing their ball in the sun. - Heath M.

We have many return customers who really enjoy the sunglasses! Nice in bright sun or cloudy.  - Jan C.

I took a customer outside and had them try on several lens options. They like the lightweight frame and contour of the lens. In fact they liked them so much they purchased 3 pairs. They commented on how clear everything was when they had the glasses on vs. not. It was also a positive selling tool that the lenses are shatterproof polycarbonate.  - Terri L.

I had them try the sunglasses on and look at the trees and told them, "wait until you get to the lake, they see through the water and you can see the fish, they're magic sunglasses"!! - Kim H.