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Maxx HD® Sunglasses is transparent and open regarding our Tiered Pricing structure. We believe it is right and ethical to ensure all of our partners in every category know exactly why their pricing is the way it is.

Our lowest price point per unit is $7 per sunglasses; to go below that price point we would have to sacrifice quality and efficiency during manufacturing. Our factory partner in Taiwan goes to great lengths to ensure our product meets all the specifications you deserve and expect.  As an approved ISO 9001 certified factory, our manufacturer is held to the highest standard while delivering exceptional products to our customers. Each step in the manufacturing process is inspected and signed off on prior to the next phase being performed. Beginning with injection molding, to lens and frame coating, to the final step of assembly, every aspect is monitored with the goal of 100 % accuracy and quality before final packaging.

From our inception in 2004, we have always maintained and preserved our pricing structure to you, our customer. We have always held our pricing, never passing economic increases on to you, but rather developing ways to innovate in order to ensure your profits only increase.

When we offer a “Special”, we ensure all customers have the opportunity to partake and enjoy the savings – not just a select few.